Possessing His Kingdom

Thoughts and Prayers of Irene Madding


As the body of Christ we need to help one another understand that God has a purpose and a good plan for our lives that we are not a mistake. God doesn’t make mistakes!!! It’s time to loose the captives and destroy the lies the enemy has been feeding people. It is time to loose God’s people from the law which kills and is like a binding force holding them in bondage to keep them from being whom God created them to be. To declare those things that hold God’s people in bondage and slavery unlawful. To render the enemies lies ineffective in our lives and replace them with God’s Truth’s. It’s time to throw away our agendas and get hold
of God’s agenda. It’s time to quit focusing on what we’re not doing right and focus on what God is doing that is right and get with His plan not ours. God says seek first the Kingdom of God and then all these other things will be added to you. Did you hear what He said? Be about His Kingdom’s purposes and plans FIRST, THEN all those other things your so concerned with He’ll take care of. The problem is we’re all focusing on all the other things and His Kingdom is passing us by. Are you ready to overthrow the enemy’s established rule here on earth and take back that which the 1st Adam gave away to our arch enemy?
A Disciple Of Christ,


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