Possessing His Kingdom

Thoughts and Prayers of Irene Madding

How Does Satan Obtain Control Over Your Life?

The answer is the only time satan has control over your life is when you choose to buy into his lies and accept his lies as truths thus exchanging them for God’s real truths. When we begin to trust and believe in any concept, philosophy, logic or lie which is based on anything other than God’s Word then we have given satan an open door to attack us. Only then does he have the right to touch us as a child of God because of the door we opened to allow it, by our wrong motives, acts or beliefs in his lies against God and His Word . Jesus defeated satan through the shedding of His blood and dying on the cross and His resurrection from the grave. Through these acts Jesus stripped satan of his rank and power of authority over mankind which he had obtained after the fall. Because of what Jesus did on the cross he not only restored us back to our rightful relationship with the Father but He also restored our rightful position of power and authority over the earth that God had given man before the fall. Meaning as children of God we have power and authority to rule and reign in the earth and we have power and authority over satan and all his fallen angels. Our position on earth is that of stewardship and to represent God and His interests thus executing His will on the earth. This is called ruling and reigning, we are like God’s spiritual law enforcement officers here on earth. We do this by asking God and getting His perspective on the situation in our live or in the world. You see God’s ways of doing things are so much different from our own. Then we begin to align ourselves with His will by praying accordingly and acting upon what He has instructed us to do. God uses many unique and uncommon ways and strategies to defeat the enemy in our lives. If we are willing to ask him he is more than willing to share these ideas. Lies, fear and deceit and our yielding of our flesh to do as he bids are the main tools in satan’s arsenal against mankind. These are the instruments he uses to bring you into agreement with him against God because he knows it is the only way he can get to you to harm you. He wants you to think that he is much more powerful than he really is.You see Jesus said, “Behold, I give unto YOU power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Remember the saying what you focus on you become. Well when you give more focus to what the devil is doing in your life instead of what God is doing you are giving him more power. Because he makes himself to appear bigger to you than God. Don’t give him the time of day and waste your thoughts on him. The Word says that those who’s mind is stayed on God and His Word will be kept in perfect peace by that word, because it shows that they are trusting in God. Jesus also tells us that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. These are the things we are to stand against men are only instruments who have yielded themselves and become the slaves of the enemy and like puppets on a string he controls the strings. Many think and even say I am a servant to no one but in reality you are either a servant to God or you are a servant of the devil. It really is that simple. Many times people have become prisoners and slaves to the devils ways and don’t even realize it. But it has become very clear to others by the choices they continue to make that each day they surrender a little more of their lives to their greatest enemy who is leading them down a path to destroy them and laughing at them as he leads them like a lamb to the slaughter. Many of them will even say to you nobody is gonna control me, I am my own person. But again in reality you either submit conrtol of your life to God or through your own thinking that you are in control you have given satan control. He will say things to you as he did to Eve, didn’t God say? Then he twists what God really said, to imply that God is lying to you or he’s holding back on you
because that’s not what you see happening. He will say things like didn’t that Prophet say God was gonna do such and such for you and now look what’s happened. You see folks, when God comes and makes His will known to you or gives you a promise. Always, always satan will come and try to steal the truth of that seed God has spoken to you and planted in your heart. Because satan wants you to believe his lie over God’s truth. He will try to convince you that God didn’t mean what he said. Then if you buy into the lies by agreeing with him then he can steal the very thing God meant to be a blessing in your life. God’s intent is always to bless but satan is always out to kill, steal and destroy anything good God has intended for you. By using you to allow him to do it. He cleverly uses your own weakness against you to make it happen by planting ungodly beliefs in your mind and heart getting you to act upon them. By either acting in a wrong way, doing something wrong or speaking the wrong things. Don’t you realize that if he truly had the power and authority over you or the human race, to kill or destroy you, he would have already done it a long, long time ago. You see the Word says he comes to kill steal and destroy. It doesn’t say he has the power too. You are the one that relinquished your power to him for him to be able to kill, steal or destroy. It is by your agreeing with his lies and doing what ever stupid thing he has convinced you to do, it’s your choice. God says choose life not death! Anything you do against God and His laws is sin and that sin however great or small will always bring with it death. So we cannot blame God for our own stupid rebellious choices. Satan hates you that much because God loves you so much and He showed it by giving His only Son for you and all mankind. Satan’s greatest pleasure and only intent is to sucker you into believing his lies so he can get the job done to destroy you, to steal from you and to try to make your life as miserable as he possibly can. We must learn to be wise very wise to his wicked ways. His real intent is and always has been to steal the very purpose and plan that God intends for your live because it leads you to the fulfillment of your true identity and destiny. The real truth is the devil is very much afraid of you finding out who God truly created you to become in Him. For satan knows the potential that lies within you waiting for you to discover it and how much damage it will bring to his cause and his kingdom. For he knows that the kingdoms of this earth are destined to become the kingdoms of our God. He knows his time here on earth is short and he wants to destroy as many as he can. Satan uses his lies and deceit to influence people to rebel against God because it draws attention to him and away from God thus defying God and enticing mankind to turn away from God to him. You see he knows that we are our own greatest enemy and he cleverly uses our own destructive ways and thoughts against us to bring great sorrow and devastation to us. God is not destroying us we are destroying ourselves through our own selfish desires. We must realize that we as the righteous of God through Christ having been given back legal dominion on this earth once again to rule and reign. We are right now in training for our future ruling and reigning as kings and priest.We have been given dominion forever even in the future when the new heaven and the new earth shall come. It is written in Revelation 5. God’s intent is that we become like him. Through Jesus Christ we have been raised up together, and made to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 1:21; 2-6. far above all principalities and might and dominion, and every name that is named , not only in this age but also in that which is to come. We have been given power through Christ in us to overcome. The word says “we are more than conquers in Christ”, more than a overcomer. You can overcome through Christ in you! Let Jesus live BIG in you! Put the devil under your feet where he really belongs. Rise up! and become who you were born to be in Christ!! The devil is afraid very afraid!
A Disciple Of Christ,


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